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Short Summary: Provides a brief summary capturing essential points.

Average Summary: Offers a balanced summary with key details.

Long Summary: Delivers a detailed summary with extensive information.

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Edu Writer Text Summarizer

Summarize any text with just one click with Edu Writer’s AI-powered text Summarizer.

Our text summarizer is more powerful is easier to use than ever before. It gets the job done how you require it and that too according to your current academic level.

🤖Powered by Advanced AI Extracts All Keypoints Very Quickly
🤖Summarize All Documents Research Papers, Articles, Essays, Documents
🤑 100% Free (Sign up and use) It's Free and Always will be
💡 Zero Plagiarism 100% Unique Work
⭐ Choose Your Academic Level High School, Undergraduate, Master, or Ph.D
✒️ APA Referencing Automatically Does APA Referencing
📕Multiple Input Options Directly Paste Text or Upload a Document
📕Multiple Output Option Directly Copy Text or Download in a Word File

How to Use Edu Writer Text Summarizer

Step 1: Directly paste the text onto the text editor that you want to summarize or upload the document by clicking on the “upload doc button”

Step 2: Select your academic level and click on the “Summarize It!” button.

Ai Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer employs advanced AI to quickly and effortlessly condense any document, research paper, or essay with just one click. The user-friendly tool offers a range of features, including automatic APA referencing, multiple input and output options, and the ability to customize summaries based on your academic level, ensuring a 100% unique, plagiarism-free, and grammatically correct result.

Step 3: Copy the summarized text directly from the editor or download it in a Word.docx file in APA format by clicking the “Download APA “ button once you have summarized your text.

Key Features of Edu Writer’s Text Summarizer

  1. Instantly condenses and shortens the documents, papers, and articles down to the main points without missing any important points.
  2. Our AI-text summarizer always maintains the original text and does not mess up any critical information.
  3. Unlike other text summarizers, the summarized text generated is 100% original, plagiarism-free, and is also grammatically correct.
  4. You can also select your current academic level (High School, Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D). This helps our AI-powered tool to summarize text according to your academic level.
  5. The summary generated by this tool is also properly referenced in APA referencing style; this way you dont need to do the referencing for your paper.