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Essay Topics Generator

Writing an essay is more than just sitting down at your desk and typing away the text. It requires a lot of research, outlining, writing, and proofreading before you could even think about passing the class. If you want to secure maximum grades, you need to go through each step with great care and attention to detail.

Of course, the process of writing starts with a heading. It is a field of research or interest that a student can pick and then further narrow down to turn into a title. For instance, poverty is a broad area that can have countless areas and angles to explore, but “role of poverty in education disparity” is a title, with a clear focus.

Need For An Essay Generator

Since students need to write multiple essays throughout their academic lives, it is normal for them to run out of ideas. So, when the teacher asks them to write a 1000-word persuasive or social essay or a 5-page university argumentative essay, they don’t even have a clue where to start and how to move it further.

There is an old practice of brainstorming and fishing for essay ideas and questions. It requires coming up with a broad idea and then narrowing it down further by adding different aspects, such as specific time and place. However, you cannot go far with this method because you are bound by your pool of limited knowledge.

On the other side, a live automatic idea generator for essay titles can do wonders. It can scour the internet and come up with the latest and trendy areas to explore in a given discipline.

Benefits of Essay Topic Generator

There is no way anyone can downplay the importance of automation and support in all walks of life, including writing and editing. Think about editing a whole essay or a research paper without Grammarly! The same will be true about coming up with a title or the main premise of the essay manually once you have used this nifty tool to generate ideas.

Here are some of the benefits that make it stand apart from everything else.

Unique Ideas

Of course the most innovative thing about this tool is that it can conjure up unique ideas out of thin air. You can start by entering a single term. It can be a phenomenon, an idea, or even a bit of thought. The tool will work on as little as you have to offer and share with you multiple titles. You can pick them as they are and start writing or you can tweak them a little to better suit your needs.

Simple Operation

We have often seen that many online idea generators come with many bells and whistles that make the operations difficult, without adding much value to the overall experience. This is not the case here, at all! There are three drop-down menus to deal with if you want to get custom ideas. One is the keyword tab where you can insert one or multiple terms and phrases to generate ideas. The second one lets you choose the topic type, including general, critical, compare and contrast, and so on. In the third tab, you need to pick the subject area that you want to write your essay on. Whether it is Literature or Social Sciences, you can pick the relevant entry and it will come up with essay questions accordingly.

Multiple Subject Support

Instead of getting stuck with a general sort of thing, this is one of the tools that allow you to become a better essay writer instantly. You can pick the type of ideas for essay writing by specifically identifying your needs. This is hard to find in other tools. Whether you are pursuing Health and Medicine or Religion and Theology, you are sure to get the top ideas for your academic excellence.

24/7 Availability

There are no downtimes or crashed servers when it comes to this tool. Whenever or wherever you are, you can access it with ease. Even though it is free and a community project, it has the support of thousands of developers and supporters online. This will allow you to never miss your deadline, no matter how late you get started with the process.

100% Free With No Ads

This tool is completely free for all! There are no irritating pop-ups for subscriptions and no trial periods. You can use it anytime and it will be available to you with no pause in services. Apart from this, we are keeping it ad-free for a smooth and streamlined experience. Since students are always in a pinch and can do great with saved seconds and minutes. So, enjoy this too that can be your partner in your essay writing journey!

Better Than Any AI Writing Tool

Many online AI writing tools can suggest topics and ideas to students. AI and ML are all the rage these days, there is no denying that, but they often fall short because of their limited comprehension of the analytical methods and techniques. Also, there are issues with the ideas they generate as they are not immune to plagiarism.

On the other hand, this tool operates on community support which means it has got the “human” element to work.

Support Your Favorite Tool

Since it is free with no ads, how can we keep this thing afloat and help future generations of writers and students? The answer is simple: You can support the tool and ensure that it is never entangled with primitive ideas that can run into plagiarism.

Here are some of the things you can do to support us:

  • Spread the word out
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