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Flex Ai Writer: Well-rounded model for versatile writing.

Base Family Ai Writer: Great starter for basic tasks.

Flex Pro: Advanced research and creativity.

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Bypass: Reduces or removes AI detectability.

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How to Use EduWriter’s Ai Essay Writer?

1. For best results make sure you provide detailed instructions and utilize all selectors correctly.
Type of essay, research field or area of study, number of pages, topic or title of the essay, and instructions. The latter can be copied to the space or you can add a dedicated file.
You will not wait for eternity to get your text- just moment after you press the big purple button! On average it takes 20 seconds for our free essay writer to generate your essay.
3. Your essay will be automatically converted into MS Word file in APA 7th edition format and downloaded for you. In some cases you may be prompted to save your file.
4. For best results you may want to give it a few tries.

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Who is this tool for?

Our AI essay writer is developed to give students and teachers a solid base to start - ideally a first draft. This tool is exceptional at that. We help to expand your ideas, knowledge and options when it comes to writing.

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You can get the best out of the tool by providing the topic, type of essay, area of research, and number of pages.

You can get the best out of the tool by providing the topic, type of essay, area of research, and number of pages.

Daily Limits

There are reasonable daily limits for making your essays on a free tier. Premium tier is unlimited.

Content originality

In most cases content is highly original. Such originality depends on your topic and instructions. Common topics tend to have higher similarity. On average our similarity is under 7% (excluding references). Content originality comes by default, however our essay maker’s main purpose is to help you write better, faster and get you “unstuck” with your ideas.

Report bugs and suggestions

We truly listen – please use live chat to send your suggestions (we improve the tool based on your feedback) or email us!

Academic integrity

You must understand that this tool is to assist in researching and writing, and not for direct submissions. With that in mind, you cannot pass on the content generated by the tool as your own.

Elevate Your Essays With AI Essay Writer

If you are struggling with writing essays for schools and colleges, your personal essay writing assistant is here to help. An essay writing tool that can write high-quality essays and papers in the blink of an eye! No matter the type or form of writing, all that is required is the topic or title, academic field, academic level, number of words, and other instructions related to your essay. Save your time and energy by letting our tools do all the work and you reap all the benefits. Experience the convenience irrespective of the deadline and the topic of your assignment. Your peak academic performance is only a couple of clicks away!