EduWriter Plagiarism Checker

Premium accounts have the ability to check papers for plagiarism, receiving an official similarity report plus an AI detection report. You must be logged in to a EduWriter Premium account to use this feature.

Types of Plagiarism Reports we Deliver?
We deliver an academic similarity plagiarism report and an AI detection report (if additionally requested). We check for similarity and AI detection with top-of-the-line, academic-grade instruments. You will receive an official similarity report as per your request.
How does this work?
You need to have an EduWriter Premium account for this feature to be unlocked. You can then request up to three plagiarism reports per month, subject to the limitations of your Premium plan. Please note that we do not check the text; we check DOC or DOCX files. This tool is specifically designed for students and teachers to verify content integrity.
How Fast Can You Check for Plagiarism?
It would take up to 5 minutes for you to get the similarity report. Additional minute for Ai content report.
Your reports are not stored in a “repository”. Content from your reports is not shared or reused - it is automatically deleted on the same day.
How Does Edu Writer’s Plagiarism Detector Work?
Edu Writer’s plagiarism detector compares your text to billions of web pages and academic papers that are stored inside the humungous database that contains all the latest data published on the World Wide Web. Not just that, our smart and intelligent plagiarism checker will also look for paraphrased content and match it with its primary source. When any part of your text even if it's just a small phrase or a large sentence, matches something written in the database, you’ll get an alert for plagiarism detection.
Is Edu Writer Plagiarism Checker Free?
No, the plagiarism checker is not free and the users will have to be subscribed to EduWriter Premium. It took years of consistent team efforts to create this amazing tool and we believe that it's more accurate than most, therefore we are charging this small amount to make sure our operations run smooth and you can continue to enjoy this service at a cheap price.
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