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Welcome to! The Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) conduct the policies, actions, and affairs of the brand for the users when they use the website (“Website”) and its related services (“Services”). Usage of the Website and its Services directly or indirectly will construe that the user is in agreement with the set terms and conditions. In case of any inconsistency, they are advised to leave the site at once.

Fair Use of Services

1.1 User Account & Activities: To take advantage of all the Services provided by the Website, users may have to sign up and create a user account. In this case, users are solely responsible for their accounts' security and fair usage. The confidential information of the users is theirs to protect and to ensure that it is being used fairly. If users experience any unauthorized activity from their account, they are advised to contact immediately, without holding it accountable or responsible for such incidents.

1.2 Unsanctioned Usage: Users agree to never employ the Website and its Services for any illegal, prohibited, or unauthorized activity by the company or by the law. In addition to this, they will not be a party to such an activity that may disrupt or compromise the functionality or integrity of the Website or Services.

Ownership of All Property

2.1 Content Ownership: All intellectual property rights are reserved in the name of, including copyrights, trademarks, and other property rights. Users have agreed to never distribute, modify, or reproduce any content or its derivatives produced by the Website or its Services without explicit written consent from the brand.

2.2 Content from Users: When users upload or submit any content on the Website, they allow to adapt, publish, modify, translate, and distribute the content in question for the purpose of providing Services through a worldwide, non-exclusive, and royalty-free license. In turn, the users represent and warrant that they have the exclusive rights and legal permissions to grant this license.

2.3 Content Usare: Content produced, written or edited by should not be used / submitted as your own. Such content is generated or written as example, guidance, references or for ideas only.

Privacy Policy of

3.1 Privacy Policy: User privacy is very important to That’s why we urge you to review our Privacy policy to learn how we acquire, process, store, and disclose users’ personal information.

Refund Policy

4.1 Refunds & Compensations: Keeping up with the quality of work and transparency with operations, offers a 30-day refund policy to its users for the Website and the Services it offers. Keep in mind that refunds are conditional on reviews and approvals from the editorial board. The final decision on a refund will be made solely by So, to request a refund, users can contact us through live chat or send us an email at [email protected] with all the required information.

4.2 Eligibility to get Refunds: Depending on the conditions and circumstances of the requests, refunds can either be partial or complete. When you submit a request, you are advised to share the reasons or issues with clear and specific details.

4.3 Exclusions & Exceptions: Not all cases of refund will be met with partial or complete refunds. In the cases when all the services are delivered on the stipulated time and date, any case of misuse or abuse of Services, or when the request for a refund was made after 30 days, users will not be excluded from availing any refund.

Limitation of Liability

5.1 Disclaimer of Services: does not guarantee that the content produced by the Website or Services will always be accurate, complete, or reliable. All the Services provided by the brand are on an “as is” and “as available” basis. There are no special agreements, permissions, and conditions for the Website and its Services.

5.2: Limited Liability: shall not be liable for any damages arising from direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental usage of the Website and its Services by the users. The condition applies regardless of the causes of the actions and even if the brand has been advised of the possibility of such issues.


Concerning the use of Services provided to the users through the Website, users agree to indemnify all the personnel attached to, including directors, employees, officers, agents, and so on. They will be free from all and any liability or reparations in case of the misuse, damages, and issues caused by the misuse or abuse of the Services.

Termination of Access reserves all the rights to suspend or terminate any user from accessing the Website or its derivatives through Services without any prior notice.

Laws & Governance

The terms and conditions set forward here by shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the land. These conditions shall be without any regard to the conflicts of principles.

Modifications reserves the right to amend, modify, or completely rewrite the terms and conditions for the usage of its Website and Services. The changes will be in effect the instant they are posted on the Website. Use of the Website and its Services after any modification or alteration of the original terms and conditions will indicate continued acceptance of the revised version.