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Unleash Over 15 Years of Industry Expertise! Are you ready to get high grades without minimal effort? Meet EduWriter! It is a trailblazing tool that can help students write complex essays and papers without breaking a sweat. Want to write a detailed essay on a topic quickly? Need to finish a research paper with complete references and citations? EduWriter has got it covered for you!

About EduWriter.ai

Eduwriter has always been geared to offer excellent tools to students to write and edit papers and essays. However, it took us a good decade and a half to reach there. In 2021, we launched our first beta and it was received by the community warmly. In 2023, we were finally able to pull it by the skin of our teeth! Today, Eduwriter produces excellent text for students and professionals for free. It asks for simple things to know what the user wants, such as the topic, type, scope, discipline, and more. Once you have provided these things, it will work its magic and produce exceptional and nuanced pieces of writing. Since AI writing has its limitations, it cannot go beyond simple writing and editing tasks. That’s why we have custom services where humans write and edit complex pieces, such as dissertations, theses, and reviews for you. So, what are you waiting for? EduWriter AI is being used over 150000 times monthly. You are welcome!

To help with education advancements and careers through ai and professional mentoring!

To make education seamless.

Your personal information is secured with an SSL certificate and encryption. Your personal info is also accessible for our "human writers'' - if you are to use our "human writing" services.

The Biggest Attraction - Pricing!

What is the best pricing bracket for a tool like Eduwriter? Whatever the number you come up with, it is cheaper than that! It is free and will be for the foreseeable future!

Synergy of Human & Machine Intelligence

We are among a handful of AI writing companies that have a team of more than two hundred professionals closely monitoring the performance of Eduwriter. Due to their unrelenting efforts, the brand has produced and delivered more than three thousand AI papers and above nine thousand custom essays to clients. Even with these big numbers, quality of output and customer satisfaction always come first. That’s why you can claim your money back within 30 days of delivery if the order is not up to the mark!

A Brand Trusted By The Community!

Eduwriter is at the center of a thriving community on LinkedIn where students and professionals get updates on new features. Join us there and become part of those who dare to dream bigger and better!